For over 30 years PGK Services has been a recognized leader and single-point resource for Staffing Solutions and a full range of Product Development, Design and Engineering Services.

  • PGK was founded in 1997 by Patrick Kirby. Patrick was the founder and former President of Megatech Engineering ($80 million / 1985) and Executive Vice President of Becker Group ($1.2 billion / 1985).

  • Veteran Owned

  • PGK's management team offers a diverse background of skill, talent and expertise in the global market.

  • PGK is client and employee focused

  • Registered supplier to the U.S. Government

  • ISO Certified

  • PGK's quality policy: "To deliver quality service through valued client relationships, teamwork and continual improvements."

  • Formal partnership with minority organization, IMTT, LLC.

  • A diverse network within industry.

  • Global presence through formal alliances in the USA, India, and Mexico.

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