Keith Malec, Christina Tribuzio and Vincent Hylton

Keith Malec, Christina Tribuzio and Vincent Hylton

PGK has formed a strategic partnership with IMTT, LLC.  With the IMTT, LLC partnership we are able to offer our customers world-class service with the benefit of a minority owned business program.

About IMTT, LLC.  IMTT is a minority owed business based in Bloomfield Hills, MI.  As your Commodity Manager we can offer you machine maintenance as well as maintenance management from one source. Save yourself the hassle and miscommunication that happens when you divide work unnecessarily; our complete maintenance support manager will work your facility from the front office to the production floor.

IMTT is strongly committed to embracing diversity. We have had a strong relationship with the Michigan Minority Business Development Council (MMBDC) dating back to several years and are actively involved in promoting several diversity programs directly through our enterprise and working with the MMBDC. Our diversity philosophy is inclusive, open, value added and is our strength and leverage for business growth. We have a strong executive commitment to diversity at IMTT. Our diversity programs are backed by strong operational metrics in terms of our customers, our partners, suppliers and ventures. IMTT is a MMBDC certified minority business.

We encourage diversity at several levels:

  • Workplace diversity
  • Supplier diversity
  • Promoting diversity
  • Marketing diversity
  • Community engagement

Diversity Initiatives

Our diversity initiatives range from recruitment programs targeted towards recruitment, retainment and promotion of a diverse workforce to university affiliations to recruit diverse talent. In addition, we focus on work-life balance programs including flexible work time, alternate work schedule, etc. We are open to promoting diversity associations at the workplace including Women In Leadership, African American Diversity Association, etc. We also provide minority mentorship programs to encourage minority supplier participation. Typical programs include information sessions, designating purchasing mentors, exposing tier 2 suppliers to opportunities, etc. We are a consistent participant in the MMBDC annual exhibit in Michigan and also participate in minority programs offered by the big three automotive OEMs in Michigan (Ford, Chrysler and General Motors).

Supplier Diversity

IMTT also actively promotes supplier diversity into the extended enterprise. Our targeted Minority Business Development processes are driven actively through our affiliations with the National Minority Supplier Dev Council (NMSDC) and the Michigan Minority Business Dev Council (MMBDC). We constantly seek out to develop special purchasing initiatives and designated minority spending efforts.

Community Outreach

We also sponsor several community outreach programs including engaging with key organizations like Boy Scouts of America, Race For The Cure, Friends of Jacob Foundation, etc. We also partner with several of our customers to enhance their current diversity programs and to mentor them with MMDBC policies, procedures and programs.